(–)-Securinine – 10 mg


(–)-Securinine ≥98% Purified Mixed Gangliosides (bovine) (ammonium salt)



Gangliosides are glycosphingolipids found in all vertebrate cells with particularly high levels found in the central nervous system.1,2 Gangliosides in the brain typically contain a saturated stearic acid as the fatty acyl chain, which is located in the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane with the ceramide chain, and a glycan group that faces outward and mediates cell-cell interactions. Gangliosides pack densely with cholesterol to form lipid microdomains that modulate both intra- and inter-cell signaling events. More than 180 gangliosides have been identified that differ based on the position and number of sialic acid residues. The expression of various gangliosides varies during development indicating specialized roles at distinct stages. Deficiencies in the synthesis or breakdown of gangliosides are associated with seizure and neurodegenerative disorders, respectively. They also regulate receptor function by direct association and receptor trafficking. Gangliosides have been implicated in tumorigenesis because they can modulate cell surface events including proliferation, migration, and adhesion.3 Purified mixed gangliosides (bovine) contains a mixture of gangliosides with variable oligosaccharide groups isolated from bovine brain. [Matreya, LLC. Catalog No. 1065]WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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