(–)-Securinine – 10 mg


(–)-Securinine ≥98% (–)-Securinine



(–)-Securinine is an alkaloid originally isolated from S. suffructicosa.1 It reduces proliferation of SW480 colon adenocarcinoma cells in a dose- and time-dependent manner via increased Beclin 1 expression and induction of autophagy.2 It decreases viability of HL-60 leukemia cells (IC50s = 47.88, 23.85, and 18.87 μM at 24, 48, and 72 hours post-treatment, respectively).3 It also induces cell cycle arrest at the G1/S phase and decreases PI3K, Akt, and mTOR gene expression in a dose-dependent manner. (–)-Securinine inhibits GABA and GABA-activated benzodiazepine binding to rat brain membranes (IC50s = 57 and 101 μM, respectively).1 In vivo, (–)-securinine (5.2 mg/kg) induces clonic and tonic convulsions in mice, an effect that is reversed by administration of GABA.4
WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.


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