2-Fluoroamphetamine (2 FA) 100g

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2-Fluoroamphetamine (2 FA)

2-Fluoroamphetamine (2 FA) as a stimulant drug belong to the amphetamine family which has been sold as a designer drug. 2-Fluoroamphetamine (2-FA) is a structural isomer of 4-FA, having the fluorine at the 2, rather than the 4, position. 2-Fa differs from 3- and 4-fluoroamphetamine in the position of the fluorine atom on the aromatic ring, making them positional isomers of one another.The physiological and toxicological properties of 2-FA are not confirmed now. 2-Fa is intended for research and forensic applications.

The replacement of a hydrogen atom with a fluorine atom in certain compounds to facilitate passage through the blood–brain barrier, as is desirable in central nervous system pharmaceutical agents, is a common practice due to the corresponding increase in lipophilicity granted by the substitute

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