2-IPP 100g

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The N-isopropyl substitution is as good as N-ethyl, N-benzyl, and N-anything that is metabolised into a primary amine, which is an active metabolite. N-isopropylnorpentedrone is going to be much active on its own and Norpentedrone is going to be any better in quality than pentedrone, the alpha-propyl makes it what it is, a dopaminergic stimulant mostly.

It’s replacement of Buphedrone

Other name: NPP

IUPAC name: 2-(isopropylamino)-1-phenylpentan-1-one

Formula: C14H21NO

Purity: 98 % min

Appearance: white powder

Not for human consumption.

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  1. Fisher

    Hoooi everybody, I’ ve ordered last month (dec17) some 4-ho-met and some benzo blotters to germany and I’m very statisfied with the product and the delivery. The stealth is very good, you can’t spot or feel the material from the outside of the letter and the delivery took only 4. days. The quality was good and i and my friends haven’t side effects or something like this. Pure High, strong end intensive. gg

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