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5F-AB-PINACA It’s new cannabinoid IUPAC name: 1-(flurocarbonyl)-2-methylpropyl]-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-5-carboxamide Formula: C18H26N4O2

Purity: 99,9% min

Appearance: white crystalline powder

5F-AB-PINACA is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid that is derived from a series of compounds originally developed by Pfizer in 2009 as an analgesic medication, and has been sold online as a designer drug.5F-AB-PINACA has been reported to be a potent agonist of the CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor with EC50 values of 0.48 nM and 2.6 nM respectively. Its metabolism has been described in literature.

This product is intended for forensic and research applications and is NOT intended for human consumption. At this time, no substantial data is available on 5F-AB-PINACA, however, research is ongoing.

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