AM-1201 Powder 100g

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AM-1201 Powder

Cannabinoids are similar to other drugs, such as heroin, which is derived from the opium poppy plant. This means that it has an effect on the user by having an interaction with certain neurotransmitter receptors that are located in the central nervous system (CNS).

Research has revealed two types of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and have referred to them as CB1 and CB2. There is a natural substance within the brain itself that have been found to bind to CB1 receptors that was first identified in 1992 by research scientists. All of the receptors that have been found to exist within the brain are collectively named “endogenous cannabinoid receptors.


It’s new cannabinoid

Purity: 99,5% min

Appearance: white powder

AM-1201 is a chemical for research purposes and should only be used for this purpose. AM-2201 is not sold for human consumption.

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  1. Carter

    Best Shop, Best Chat, Best delivery times(2-5wd) also Quality is fine. (Rats researched 3-mmc, 3meo ,1p-lsd, some blends .

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