AM-1241 Powder 100g

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AM-1241 Powder

We designed AM1241 powder, a selective CB2 cannabinoid receptor agonist, and used it to test the hypothesis that CB2 receptor activation would reverse the sensory hypersensitivity observed in neuropathic pain states. AM1241 exhibits high affinity and selectivity for CB2 receptors. It also exhibits high potency in vivo. AM1241 dose-dependently reversed tactile and thermal hypersensitivity produced by ligation of the L5 and L6 spinal nerves in rats. These effects were selectively antagonized by a CB2 but not by a CB1 receptor antagonist, suggesting that they were produced by actions of AM1241 at CB2 receptors.


IUPAC name: (3-iodo-5-nitrophenyl)-[1-[(1-methylpiperidin-2-yl)methyl]indol-3-yl]methanone

Other name: 1-(methylpiperidin-2-ylmethyl)-3-(2-iodo-5-nitrobenzoyl)indole

CAS number: 444912-48-5

Formula: C22H22IN3O3

Purity: 99,9% min

Appearance: white powder

AM-1241 is a chemical for research purposes and should only be used for this purpose. AM-2201 is not sold for human consumption.

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